10 easy ways to promote yourself at The Game Fair

Are you exhibiting at The Game Fair? Are you looking to get maximum footfall to your stand? Of course you are! Here, equestrian and country business coach and PR consultant Rhea Freeman give us 10 tips of maximising footfall and exposure for next to nothing…

With The Game Fair fast approaching, now is the time to make sure you’ve done all you can to make sure everyone knows you’re there. This might seem obvious, but if you want good footfall, it’s important to let people know that you’re there. Of course, people will meander around and find you, but for hardcore fans, why not make it as easy for them as possible? Here are 10 easy ways to promote yourself at The Game Fair.

  1. Tell people you’re going.Put together a consistent campaign across your social media channels that tells people that you’re at the event. Include your stand number, relevant imagery and a reason to visit. Do this more than once. Use a range of platforms – Instagram, Instagram Stories, IGTV, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook- wherever you have an engaged following, tell them you’re going!
  2. Show people where you are. Get a map of the showground and mark where you are. Use this on your social media, newsletters, on your website, so people can find you.
  3. Give people a reason to come. New product? Free tipple for customers? Special offer? LET PEOPLE KNOW. You can use any of these as a great way to promote the fact you’re at the event without saying ‘We’re at The Game Fair come and buy stuff’.
  4. Run a competition. Run a competition on social media to spread the word that you’re at the event, or why not run a competition on the stand to get people to come and see you? Of course, you need to be aware of the beloved GDPR here, but there’s still plenty of scope.
  5. Use your social media when you’re there. Show people what’s going on when you set up, happy customers, etc etc. This content can be put on your social media platforms at the time, but it can be great for next year too if it’s saved and made into a video.
  6. Get your brand ambassadors organised!So many brands now have ambassadors, and an event like The Game Fair is a great time to get them working for you. How could they promote your presence at the event to their audience? Instagram takeovers? Content before The Game Fair? Speak to them, start brainstorming… there’s plenty of time.
  7. We all know that open rates aren’t what they were, but if you have a good, engaged, opted in list – use it! Why not offer an extra discount or incentive for people on your list? It doesn’t have to be much, but it’ll make them feel wanted and cared for… and it means that people you know like your brand will have a bigger reason to come.
  8. Organise an event on the stand. Do you work with a celeb in the industry? Do you support someone who has their own fan base and would draw a crowd? Invite them to do a signing, a Q and A or something else on your stand… and then promote it as above and get them to too!
  9. Add it to your email signature. A really simple way to ensure that everyone your company emails knows you’re at The Game Fair is for them to see it at the bottom of each email.
  10. Look at the free resources you get from being an exhibitor.Visit the exhibitors section of The Game Fair’s site and you’ll find a link to a Dropbox file with logos, graphics… there’s even a video. USE THESE IN THE ABOVE, they’re free, correct and a great way to promote that you’re at the show.

All of these can be done for free or no cost… and can make a big impact on bringing people to your stand.

To find out more about savvy ways to promote yourself, hop on over to www.rheafreemanpr.co.uk. To make the most of Instagram Stories, you can download a free PDF at www.rheafreemanpr.co.uk/freebies