5 minutes with Andrew Ambrose, John Rigby & Co Gunmakers

Q: How long have you exhibited at The Game Fair for?

A: We have been attending the Game Fair regularly since it started in 1958.

Q: What has changed since your first show with us? 

A: The show has continually grown in stature and developed without losing its main focus of being a country sports event. We have witnessed an increasingly broad range of clientele, which fits perfectly with ourselves, given that we are always looking to attract new clients.     

Q: How important are outdoor events to your business? 

A: The Game Fair is completely unique both in atmosphere and what it has to offer as an outdoor event; this combination makes The Game Fair very important to Rigby. We participate in a lot of events around the world but there is no other event that is remotely similar because it is held outside and what that brings to us as an exhibitor.

Q: Whats new for 2019? 

A: 2019 represents another very big year for John Rigby & Co. as we are relaunching the Rigby Rising Bite side-by-side shotgun. The last Rising Bite shotgun was built in 1932 and so to relaunch it in 2019 is obviously a big milestone for the company.

Q: You often use The Game Fair to launch exclusive products, what makes a great launch event? 

A: Launch events by their nature are very exciting to be a part of and we want our clients to experience our excitement. A great launch event is one that ensures we are able to speak to each and every one of those individuals that makes the effort to attend. Face-to-face contact is so important in our industry and The Game Fair provides this in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, all in a great setting that is unrivalled.