The Game Fair has its roots and heritage firmly front and centre of the food chain, emerging 61 years ago from a scientific conference studying game bird populations and best practice in rearing and managing the countryside for food production. Today it is no wonder that The Kitchen Theatre is one of the most popular attractions. Once again, The Kitchen Theatre is partnered with BASC Taste of Game to bring you an astonishing line-up of chefs, ideas and recipes along with expert advice, techniques and stories that will inspire you.

BASC has announced this week that it has provided a substantial support package to the British Game Alliance (BGA) to build on the existing relationship between the organisations.

The package includes financial backing, access to BASC staff expertise and a BASC council member to sit on the BGA board.

We spend five minutes with Tom Adams to understand more about British Game Alliance.

What is BGA? 

The BGA was established with 2 main aims. The first was to bring a value back to game, with a dedicated sales team and effective marketing board. The second was to established an assurance scheme, much the same as Red Tractor, to build consumers confidence in the product and its supply chain whilst raising and maintaining shoot standards. Addressing both of these concerns will ensure a sustainable future for shooting.

Why is The Game Fair so important? 

The Game Fair audience is unique in the way that it allows us to reach all of our stakeholders from game keepers, shoot owners, guns and the general public, therefor covering every angle for BGA. The vast audience works for each facet of our campaign from shoot assurance to getting more game on to dining tables across the country.

It is nearly a year since the launch of BGA. What have the highlights been? 

We have been overwhelmed by the support of the shooting and wider rural community. Approaching 500 shoots signed up to contribute BGA assured game to the UK food chain and over 1.4 million impressions on the general consumer we’re opening the door for a buoyant future for game sales and ultimately returning that value to the shooting industry and rural communities.  We have also secured notable and sizeable stockists such as Macdonald Hotel group, Nobu and Harrods exposing game to customers at over 250+ outlets nationwide. We have also attended our first overseas expo and are working to secure markets in the middle and far east.

What advice would you give to guns wishing to support and promote British Game? 

BGA assured shoots have helped us by offering their guns the chance to pay an additional voluntary 50p levy per bird on their invoices for the coming season. This contribution helps us to further strengthen our efforts in ensuring a sustainable future for the sport.

Where can we find out more? 

More information on the scheme can be found at www.britishgamealliance.co.uk or visit us at The Game Fair, Hatfield House, 26-28 July.

What is your favourite game recipe? 


For more recipe inspiration to help clear your freezer post season end visit www.eatwild.co