With major manufacturers in attendance, showcasing their latest airguns on our state-of-the-art ranges – in a spectacular setting – the Airgun Zone is coming of age at The Game Fair 2018.

The ranges will be unlike anything you have seen before – the targets will be in their own specialist settings – while the biggest names in airgunning will be on hand to talk you through the products and their benefits.

Meanwhile, a unique long-range competition gives everyone the chance to try their hand at targets out to a staggering 75 metres (fitted with Firebird Reactive Targets for a ‘big bang’) and even beyond. It’s a fun mixture of skill and luck with one winner walking away with an amazing prize.

Visitors can also pick up handy safety/education leaflets and more details about how to get into the sport and all of the different aspects of it.

Or head over to the fantastic archery range and see if you can score a ‘bullseye’ under the watchful eye of our fully-trained coaches.