Chris Green Wildfowling

Chris Green was born in the Westcountry in 1961 and spent his boyhood bird nesting, rabbit catching and living off the fat of the land and has had a lifelong passion for fishing and shooting, even excelling at poaching in his day! He Returns to The Game Fair to show off the skills, thrills and spills of the Wonderful World of Wildfowling.

Chris began to learn the ways of wildfowling from the age of 11, when his dad took him out one freezing morning in the dead of winter. This inevitably led Chris to fall in love with the magical world of estuaries, ducks and wild places.

After successfully building his first gun ‘under cover’ at school in his metalwork class, he then went on to build his own gunning punt and even a three barrelled punt gun for wildfowling which he still uses today.

Always a keen inventor today he makes a living by designing and manufacturing goose and Pigeon decoys for pest controllers and hunters.

Chris has also appeared on several TV programmes including Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall’s “A Cook on the Wild Side”, and Rick Stein’s “Food Heroes”.

Inspired by working with professional directors and cameramen he also embarked on a career making wildlife and hunting films. His films on pigeon shooting and wildfowling have been a massive success, establishing Chris as one of the country’s leading authorities on filming country sports.

Chris says, ” It is a privilege and honour to be demonstrating once again in the Main Arena at The Game Fair’s 60th anniversary show this year. I’ll be using a variety of old guns during my demonstration to mark this special occasion. Beware, there will be number of loud bangs!”