Chris Green on Wildfowling

Born in the West Country in 1961, Chris has always been and still is a true hunter gatherer. At The Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre he will talk about wildfowling, and go on to judge our duck-calling competition (details to come soon).

Chris grew up like many other kids of his day with no money. If he got sixpence pocket money he considered himself lucky, so he spent his boyhood exploring, fishing, tree climbing, bird nesting, rabbit catching and living off the fat of the land. Teaming up with a good friend from school, he caught his first rabbits with ferret nets, snares and long nets.

Chris has since made fieldsports his life. He has designed and built a triple barreled eight bore muzzle loading Punt Gun which he still uses today – legally! This gun with its service charge of half a pound of shot can be seen in action in his epic film; Wildfowling ‘The Whole Story’ volume 1.

Chris will be appearing in The Field Kitchen Theatre with Chef Rachel Green to discuss the real secrets of cooking Wildfowl and his experiences hunting the foreshore.

 A keen volunteer and supporter of BASC, he is familiar figure at country fairs across the UK. To date Chris has produced twelve epic films, six on pigeon shooting and five on wildfowling.

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