James Stokoe – Ambassador for The London Fly Fishing Fair and The Angling Trust. Winner of BBC Two’s Earth’s Wildest Waters: The Big Fish.

The Game Fair team take 5 minutes with James Stokoe ahead of The London Fly Fishing Fair

Biggest/best catch?

My biggest catch to date has to be my phenomenal white sturgeon I caught while filming BBC’s The Big Fish. It was totally unlike any fish I’d ever caught or laid eyes on, resembling something prehistoric!  This magnificent fish managed to smash my biggest rod, weighing in at a good 130lb and measuring 6ft 4 inches! My best catch to date would have to be finally breaking the 20lb limit with a fly caught salmon last season after 20 years of searching, bring on the 30 club!

What are you most looking forward to at The London Fly Fishing Fair?
Most of all I’m looking forward to meeting everyone coming through the doors as deep down I’m a real people person and I love nothing better than meeting and making new friends that share my love and passion for fly fishing.

What advice would you give to newcomers to the sport? 

First of all well done for making the best decision of your life! The most important thing to remember is that fishing isn’t just about catching it’s about everything that comes with it, so be patient. It will happen.

Which celebrity would you most like to fish with – like a dinner party date but a fishing date? 

It would have to be Jonah Hill. This guy is an absolute legend and one of the funniest people on the big screen. He’d be a constant source of entertainment as we all know how quiet fishing can be at times.

What fly fishing attractions would you like to see at The Game Fair?

Last year I was lucky enough to be part of The Game Fair and had the honour of being the official fishing ambassador.  There was a lot of fly fishing activities in place with casting instructors, lessons and competitions (which I did enter). I’m looking forward to this year as visitors can expect more brands and stalls, all showcasing a wide range of products and excursions.

What first drew you to the sport? 

It was actually seeing other people fishing that first caught my eye. Watching my Dad’s friend fly fishing for salmon totally blew my mind. The technical casting, the equipment and fish he caught, it got hold of me at the age of 13 and has thankfully never let go.