Night Vision Tunnel & Viewing Deck

Visitors are invited to test out the latest technology in night vision and thermal imaging within The Game Fair’s new  state of the art blackout tunnel. A series of realistic and life size targets supporting thermal and infrared technologies at varying distances will be available. This 80ft tunnel will be the focal point of the Gamekeeping area.  Just inside the main entrance you won’t be able to miss this imposing structure, complete with upper viewing deck for trying out scopes, range finders and optics.

Shooting sports and gamekeeping have firmly rooted traditions  but when it comes to day to day practicalities of gamekeeping, advancement in technologies can affect practices and efficiencies as much as in our everyday lives and other vocations. Development in thermal imaging and night vision mean that night scopes and spotters are better and more affordable.

Curtis Mossop, Senior Lecturer & Course Manager, Land Game and Wildlife Management at Newton Rigg College adds “The advancements in night vision equipment, along with the development of thermal technology, has revolutionised the way in which wildlife management is conducted. Under the cloak of darkness, predator control is unquestionably more effective whilst thermal spotters enable accurate population assessments of deer populations like never before.”

This echoes what Tim Weston stated in NGO’s Keeping The Balance magazine “Thermal imaging and night vision can be a real asset for the gamekeeper when it comes to wildlife management.”  Tim goes on to say “a little time and research about the best item for you is essential…I would always suggest trying before you buy.”

Manufacturers and retailers exhibiting at The Game Fair are invited to use the new facility.  The viewing platform and night vision tunnel is just one of the initiatives that will see the gamekeeping area grow exponentially in 2019.