MacWet Sports Gloves

MacWet sports gloves are becoming THE glove for many sports, eg in the Equestrian world top riders , Ben Mayer, Jessica Mendoza, Zara Phillips, Gemma Tattersall, Piggy French, Sarah Lewis and the world number one Polo player Adolfo Cambiaso plus most of the jockeys in the Grand National and many happy hackers. Top shooters love them and now the photographers and golfers line up for a pair. Disabled people are now seeking them as wheelchair users realise they can do every task with them on even using their mobile phone, they can text, call and answer also take photographs; they have also solved the problem when using crutches, gloves don’t work but MacWets do-fantastic grip wet or try—great safety factor. When a MacWet wearer always a MacWet wearer

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