Mygind Design Scandinavia AB

Outdoor Loungers are rich in history. Designed over 150 years ago these Victorian seats were created to provide an outdoor shelter from the wind and sun, while enjoying sitting outdoors.

Mygind Design Scandinavia has redefined the comfort level, quality and practicality of this historic furniture, thus creating the bespoke “Garden Haven Lounger” collection.

Designed by the Victorians, “The Garden Haven” Garden Lounger is the quintessential piece of luxury furniture created exclusively for relaxing out in the garden. All Garden Loungers are built to order, so our customers can create a bespoke lounger reflecting their own style.

Garden Loungers are crafted of solid certified mahogany or teak, hand woven in All-weather resin wicker, and custom upholstered in marine grade outdoor fabrics. With the added protection of our G-tex cover our

Garden Loungers store outdoors all year long! Guaranteed to stay fresh, clean and dry…always ready for that welcomed break out in the garden.

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