The Falconry Village twinned with Katara International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition (S’hail)


Falconry is a hugely popular part of The Game Fair®, and whether you are an experienced falconer or simply want to see these majestic birds up close, this is an area not to be missed.

Organisers of both The Game Fair and S’hail are keen to highlight, compare and contrast the appeal and importance of falconry in the UK and Qatar, whilst focusing both on education and celebrating heritage.

Falconry is one of the oldest (2000 years and counting) and thus the longest surviving of all field sports; its inclusion by UNESCO as being of ‘intangible cultural heritage’ is one falconers are exceptionally proud of.

The Falconry Village will include its own, dedicated full-size falconry arena, where a spectacular variety of birds will be flown throughout the day.

There will be so much to see and do:

  • The largest selection of birds of prey species ever seen at a UK event will be on display, including a comprehensive selection of British raptors.
  • A hands-on educational area for children and adults will introduce visitors to the fascinating world of raptors. You will get the chance to handle one of these beautiful birds.
  • The specialist artists’ tent will feature well-known raptor artists from around the UK.
  • Meet the experts and learn more from leading falconry authorities in our seminar tent.
  • UK falconry clubs will be on hand to help and give advice to anyone thinking of taking up falconry.
  • Purchase your equipment for the forthcoming hunting season from one of the many specialist falconry traders.

For more information, visit: www.cjsbirdsofprey.co.uk.