The Euro Challenge 

8 teams are traveling from Europe to compete against England on Friday 27th July. The competition takes place over a variety of tricky retrieves. Each team consists of three handlers and three dogs. The dogs must comprise of three different retriever breeds: Labrador retriever, Golden Retriever, Flat Coated Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Irish Water Spaniel or Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

The test will simulate the many and varied situations that arise when shooting and picking up with dogs including walking up in line, standing at a drive and retrieving from cover, over fences and from water. It is interesting to see how the various types of retriever deal with the same exercise.

Euro Challenge Judges

Phil Bruton (A panel, retriever judge)

Phil is a panel judge for the Euro Challenge on the Friday at The Game Fair. He is one of the top British trainers and has trained both Labs and Flatcoats for the last 25 years, two of which were Field Trial Champions. Phil also picks up on several local shoots with his three Labs and two Flatcoats.

Lisa Harris (B panel, retriever judge)

Lisa started with gundogs in 1995, competing Flatcoated Retrievers, of which she had five very successful dogs, three of which competed and had awards in Open level competitions. Flatcoats introduced her to the Euro Challenge event. Lisa has run in it a few times, set the tests and is now judging it.

Commentator: Maddie Burr

Maddie Burr has been involved with gundogs for over 35 years and has trained, worked and competed in working tests and field trials with her own dogs. She enjoys picking up during the shooting season and have a passion for Flatcoated Retrievers. Maddie has judged working tests at all levels, was training coordinator and taught classes for URC Southern Area and also Working Test Secretary for four years, setting working tests for all levels. 

The Home International Competition

If you want to see the top gundogs from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales go head-to-head in a purpose-built arena complete with authentic cover crop, jumps and water, then make sure you catch the Home International Team competition. As UK’s foremost team event, this hotly contested competition always produces intense rivalry between the top dog handlers from each country. This competition has been held every year since 1969 and has always been the centrepiece of the gundog events at The Game Fair.

Home International Teams & captains:

England: David Latham, Wales: Alan Rees, Scotland: Roddy Forbes, Ireland: Willie Edgar.

Home International Judges:

Ben Randall & Gareth Daves (Spaniels), John Boal & Jayne Coley (Retrievers)


Martin Deeley & Gilly Nickols.

Lunch time demonstrations in the International Arena

Ian Openshaw (Rytex Kennels) – Spaniel Display (Friday)

Ricky Moloney Retriever Display (Saturday)

Howard Kirby (Mullenscote Gundogs) – HPR Display (Sunday)

Barbour Have-a-go Scurries

These popular scurries take place each day from 09.00 – 16.00

Entry £2

The Game Fair will be running Novice, Open and Junior scurries, Open and Junior Scramble & Open and Junior Pick up, with prizes to 3rd place. 

Winners will receive:

Open Scurry: The Game Fair winners Shield, A Barbour holdall worth £149, 15kg Skinners Dog food

Novice Scurry: The Game Fair winners Shield, A Barbour holdall worth £149, 15kg Skinners Dog food

Junior Scurry: The Game Fair winners Shield, a Lintran goodie bag, 15kg Skinners Dog food

Pick-Up: The Game Fair winners Shield, A Barbour holdall worth £149, 15kg Skinners Dog food

Junior Pick-Up: The Game Fair winners Shield, A Lintran goodie bag, and 15kg Skinners Dog food

Scramble: The Game Fair winners Shield, A Barbour holdall worth £149, and 15kg Skinners Dog food

Junior Scramble: The Game Fair winners Shield, A Barbour holdall worth £149, a Lintran goodie bag and 15kg Skinners Dog food.


BASC Gundog Scurries


Adults: £2 entry / Under 16 years: Will be entitled to receive 1 free scurry ticket per individual scurry held at each event. Thereafter additional tickets will be £1 each.

The British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC) is running  four  very popular scurries. Daily prizes are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each event, plus the fastest Junior Handler on the obstacle scurry. Prize giving is at 16:15 each day in the BASC Area.

 BASC Obstacle

One seen dummy is thrown at the end of a series of bales, as this is being retrieved a second dummy is placed unseen . The winning dog will be the one that jumps the bales to retrieve the  dummies  in the fastest time.

Partridge Pen

Consists of two retrieves. The first is thrown into a low pen and as this is being retrieved, a second dummy is placed unseen into the pen to be collected on the second retrieve.

 Pick & mix

Dogs must retrieve specified dummies from a number of possible options hidden amongst brashings.

Multi Pick-Up

A mixture of blind and seen retrieves.

 The Perpetual Lord Litchfield Trophy

Handlers can choose to enter the Lord Litchfield Trophy competitions whereby their times across all four scurries will be combined. The handler and dog with the fastest combined time over all three days will win the perpetual Lord Litchfield trophy, to be kept for one year, as well as a keepsake prize.


Terrier Tent

Breeds represented include: Manchester Terrier, Irish, Skye, Pesky, Dandie Dismount, Glen of Immal, Border, Bedlington, Jack Russell, Smooth Fox, Norwich, Norfolk.