Pugs and Drummers

The relationship between pug (ferret) and drummer (rabbit) is the epitome of the hunter-gatherer ethos and lifestyle. The Pugs & Drummers stand is built around a foundation of teamwork. Shooting Times’ rabbiting aficionado Simon Whitehead of Pakefield Ferrets hosts the stand and has assembled a team of rabbiting devotees from all over the UK. Travelling from differing locations, backgrounds and professions they are all united by their passion for rabbiting, all it stands for and what it means to them individually. For three days they will come together to reintroduce ferreting in the true sense of the word to The Game Fair’s audience. Simon’s popular ferreting demonstrations will be held  each day in the arena next to the Pugs & Drummers stand.

The stand itself will be an epicentre of information. From ferreting, night vision to long netting, photographs and a TV screen will highlight why through recessions, strikes and wars, our nation survived not only on eating this wild rabbit but the knowledge of how to harvest it.