Land & Gardens

The area encompassing Game Keeping, Estate Management, Diversification, Nature and Gardens.


Estate Management

An enormous range of equipment and services for estates and farms can be found, including estate machinery, ATV’s, kennels, stables, fencing, vermin control, tractors, gates, buildings, landscaping equipment, bridges, 4×4 estate vehicles, security equipment, countryside management courses and conservation ideas.

Gamekeepers Row

Gamekeepers Row covers everything for gamekeepers and shoot managers, including game farmers displaying live pheasants and partridges, rearing equipment, feeders, game larders, cover crops, shoot vehicles and much more.


Bringing together suppliers of outdoor buildings, garden furniture and associated products. Sponsored by Kingsley Smythe.

Traditional Craft Village

Come and meet the people who live and work at the heart of the thriving British Countryside. The craftsmen and women who keep the old traditions alive and the volunteer groups and associations which work to conserve our wildlife and precious heritage. READ MORE