Traditional Craft Village

Featuring hedge laying, drystone walling, willow weaving, bee keeping, furniture making, and taxidermy.

The National Hedge Laying Society and the Dry Stone Walling Association will be joining forces to demonstrate their skills within the traditional craft village this year.

Throughout its history the association continues to promote a greater understanding and knowledge of traditional dry stone walling, and encourages their repair and maintenance throughout the country.  For further information, please visit and

Willowpool Designs use traditional skills to create willow baskets. They

also use these skills to create contemporary animal sculptures such as piglets, birds and living willow structures. Willow is a sustainable, versatile and pliable material. Watch them demonstrate this ancient skill with a modern twist. Willow pool Designs will be running willow weaving workshops throughout the day, so come along and try it yourself.

Parkland Honey, a team of bee keepers from Hertfordshire and Lincolnshire will be on hand with their demonstration hive, buzzing full of live bees.  Members of the British Bee Keeping association, they will be promoting bee keeping and the importance of pollinating insects to our way of life and food production. Do not miss the opportunity to do some honey tasting!